About Zocular

THE PROBLEM: Dry eye and acne are fundamentally related though this association is seldom discussed.  The biofilm and inflammation originating from the oil glands on the face or eye (meibomian glands) lead to dysfunction that's manifested as redness and irritation on the eyes or as acne papules and pustules on the face.

THE SOLUTION: Eyelid and skin hygiene are essential to solve the underlying inflammatory response. While there is a plethora of options for dry eye and skin care, there's only one option that was specifically developed by an ophthalmologist for his own dry eye problem.  Zocular® products change the paradigm for managing eye and skin conditions by incorporating a patented activated okra complex called Zokrex™.  Dry eye specialists throughout the world turn to Zocular for their toughest cases.  Zocular has also developed an eyelid debridement procedure called ZEST that's performed in the doctor's office to provide immediate and dramatic improvement in dry eye symptoms within minutes. Visit Find Zocular Professional to find a dry eye specialist near you.