ZocuWipes: New and Effective High Quality Dry Eye Treatment!

With the raised awareness of dry eye disease, dry eye sufferers are increasingly discussing treatment options with their doctors. Fortunately, there are many more options available today than even several years ago. Yet, for many dry eye patients, there can be a good deal of confusion when they evaluate the many types of treatment[...]

ZocuWipe is now #1 on Amazon's New Product List

Thank you to all the Zocular users who have helped to make ZocuWipe the #1 New Product on Amazon!  We are delighted with the tremendous positive feedback and results with Zocular.  With Zocular's advanced okra-based formulation, dry eye symptoms disappear all day long with just one ZocuWipe pad once a day.  See why so many hav[...]


Review: Zocular ZocuZap, ZocuFoam and ZocuWipe Products #ZocuZap #ZocuWipe #ZocuFoam

Today I am going to discuss three new products from a line called Zocular. This line was developed by doctors to accomplish certain goals and is basic because it has only those goals in mind. But just because it is basic does not mean it i[...]